Star Wars – again in the gaming world


After years of attempting to create games more or less successful with the theme Star Wars, it seems that the new version of Star Wars Battlefront is able to capture a high level of spirit and intensity that the movie touches.

Rebels fighting desperately against the Imperial army, numerical and technical superior, with impressive vehicles and numerous troops, it is an interesting subject for a war game. The ability to introduce new elements and to create new challenges it is actually the strength of this production.

Surmounting the use of spectacular effects and impressive pictures, both Battle of Hoth and Star Wars: Battlefront are available for both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and thanks to DICE effort, now can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and also on PC - explore all options.

The problem of the game Battlefront seems not to be the landscapes, the design effects seem to be the real problem that are actually lost time for the player to move between battles, significantly higher than in other games of this kind, compared with the time spent in the combat zone.

I said that the design is the problem, but in the game play. In fact Battlefront brings a good design if we talk about the aspect of the game. In terms of design, the game is phenomenal, both in terms of creating lush forests on Endor from Tatooine desert, the detail was most certainly the developer’s primary care. Battlefields are strewn with debris of shattered ships, destroyed bases, abandoned boxes of supplies, and artillery more or less useful for the player. But all these actually create an image of a real war that really gives you the sensation that you are a part of that action.

The game is a first-person, the player having his own perspective over the battlefield. The battles were created in such an incredible way that all seems pretty real. It’s all up to the player to create the proper strategies and tactics in order to be the winner in the game - see important differences.

The game has a little something for the real fans of Star Wars. Occasionally, the player can access packets of energy that will allow him for a limited period of time to turn into Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or Princess Leia.

Star Wars: Battlefront is a good game, is designed pretty well because you actually have the feeling that you are in the movie, but in terms of game play is perfect only for the real, avid fans of the movie.